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STK Sound – Reincarnation [Review]

STK Sound – Reincarnation [Review]

Electro-pop artist STK Sound just dropped his debut album Reincarnation.

This inaugural STK Sound album is the perfect jumping in point for EDM-heads, mixing elements of classic electronic anthems with authentic percussive beats, alongside an overarching theme of ambience to create a tranquil soundscape.

This one could be seen as a passion project of an artist not confined by typical confines of a genre. STK Sounds claims he’s influenced not only by big names from across the electronic scene, but also rock legends like U2, which adds a little something extra and unexpected to his sound.

The mind of STK Sound ties together the world of audio with visual representation, and this debut record is the perfect example of how he manages to shape perceptions through his art. This collection of tracks is complemented by fluorescent, fractal and crystalline images which completely envelop the listener into the mystical world in which he performs.

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