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Stillehavet – Deer [Review]

Stillehavet – Deer [Review]

Deer is the third song to be released from Stillehavet’s upcoming album Kama Muta.

Completely unique and amazingly experimental, Stillehavet’s Deer is a kaleidoscopic journey through booming synth tones and a killer bass line…and it doesn’t stop there. As the angelic vocals meander throughout the track, entrancing you with a jarring cosiness, you become accustomed to the impeccable musicianship. It’s a track that’s brilliantly executed, so much so you can’t help but be in awe of it.

Deer is perfect for fans of Radiohead, Portishead and Bjork. There’s the same clinical chaos that drips from the sublime synth arrangement and punchy bass tones. This is all before you are lulled into a sweet, dreamlike state, through the easy-going rhythmic flow of the guitar work. Stick with this track, as it is one of those that gets better and better, leaving you with no other word to utter than ‘Woah’.

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