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Stephan Kreussel – Mermaid [Review]

Stephan Kreussel – Mermaid [Review]

Taken from Stephen Kreussel’s first album, Early, this South African singer/songwriter doesn’t hold back the dreamy contortion of Mermaid.

Mermaid is an enchanting song. Or, is it a haunting song? Either way, this could be deliberate, to take you somewhere, away from here to anywhere, to think, to contemplate.

Spending much time between studying and living in London and his home in Parys, South Africa, Kreussel has taken inspiration from the balance between chaotic metropolis and calmer, small-town tranquility. Distorted lyrics balance with eddying slow beating rhythm ‘n’ bass, accompanied by sliding, poignant lead guitar. All alongside it’s synonymous melodies.

If you think of standard pop tunes, this one won’t spring to mind. It has its pop basis sure, of its Robert Smith and Cocteau Twins pedigree. But, this is something altogether fresh. Part pop, part art-deco. Part-human, part-graceful entity.

Think swimming underwater or lying back in bed. Think rolling emotions, swirling contemplation – the sounds and feelings that take you to another place. A place of tranquility, a moment of feeling light, dreamy and trippy. Well, perhaps not trippy, but rolling effortlessly in suspension. Then think Mermaid. Yeah?


Review by Craig Beauman

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