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STAL – The Crime [Review]

STAL – The Crime [Review]

Here’s the new track from French electronic artist STAL, the new project from M83’s Pierre Marie-Maulini.



STAL creates a distinct electro-pop atmosphere on The Crime, filled with tension and perpetual build-up, laced with cutting synths and unpredictable beats. Metallic vocals permeate the uneasy but catching melodies. There’s a certain abruptness to this one, teetering on the edge in a way that makes you want to be pulled over with it.

With this new music, STAL strikes the perfect balance between the cold, sleek varnish of steel and something decidedly more harmonious and human. The Crime is a seductive R&B tinged track that mixes electronic beats with post rock and ethereal guitars.

Thematically the track aims to reflect modern world traits, as we adopt more isolationist and selfish behavior. The first victims of this behavior are our relationships, and how we hide ourselves behind a facade and behavior that taints the purity of love. It’s an interesting and pertinent angle from which to create truly modern and futuristic cuts.


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