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SPRINTS – The Cheek [Review]

SPRINTS – The Cheek [Review]

Dublin based SPRINTS showcase their raw punk sound with The Cheek.

Centred around the unwanted advances lead singer Karla Chubb experiences in bars and the likes, The Cheek is a wonderfully brash response to the people who think they’re right to behave that way. It’s raw and tongue-in-cheek aggressive, with the lyrics painting a vivid scene of what can occur out and about. There’s an element of sarcasm to the song too, with the lyrics often venturing into Karla’s witty and observational point of view.

Relentless drumming, punky vocal melodies and overdriven bass tones steer the song. When the rhythm guitar comes into the mix everything is tied up nicely, letting that inner frustration burst out. It’s a perfectly written track, allowing the rhythmic ebb and flow to draw your attention from start to finish. By taking influences from early punk rockers like Iggy Pop as well as more contemporary bands like Sonic Youth, SPRINTS have created an oh so melty punk rock anthem that stays true to the genre’s attitude.

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