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Spooky Mansion – Centerfolds [Review]

Spooky Mansion – Centerfolds [Review]

‘Centerfolds’ is the unique and intriguing new track from Spooky Mansion.

This track captures every emotion possible within the first few seconds with the use of a funky bass and unique vocals. Centerfolds is an immense credit to the band and enhances everything that is great about the indie rock.

Spooky Mansion originate from San Francisco and have just finished their first album “Alright” which will be released in April 2018. Judging from the first single of the track, Centerfolds, listeners are in store for a treat with this album as it captures excellent vocal experimentation, rhythmic urgency and a somewhat peculiar feel.

In relation to their newest release, Spooky Mansion said: “Centerfolds is the story of what you do during the shit times of a tumultuous relationship – the days when you’re on the outs and you have nothing left to say to the person you live with.”

Spooky Mansion have announced they are set to play KEXP’s Fisherman’s Village Fest at the end of March. The band have also announced a West Coast tour which will take place this spring.


Review by Victoria Harris

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