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Spirit Award – Shout (Kill the Rich) [Review]

Spirit Award – Shout (Kill the Rich) [Review]

Shout (Kill the Rich) is the latest sprawling single from Seattle based Spirit Award.

Taken from their 3rd album, Lunatic House, Shout (Kill the Rich) showcases the band’s unique, ever-changing brand of musical mastery. This track is an odyssey of sharp, overdriven guitars and interlocking vocal patterns, with the sole purpose of making you stand up and listen. This is coupled with the band’s strong position on greed in the world & how the wealth can be better used amongst those who need it most.

The track is split into two parts. You have the chaotic, punky shoegaze first half that has a gritty drive and scattered feel to it. The music is positioned excellently, as if you are in the middle of a skirmish, bringing out the anarchist in you, no matter how small that may be. Around the 5 minute mark, the track gives way to a more psychedelic rove. You get the sense that everything is going to be alright, as the shimmering guitar tones and warm synth layers reach out to you with a comforting hand. In short, Shout (Kill the Rich) is a tune that is not to be missed.

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