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Soricah – Back To Him [Review]

Soricah – Back To Him [Review]

Soricah shares her latest genre-bending track Back To Him.

Growing up in various places across the globe has left its mark on Soricah’s sound. She brings the soul of Africa and fuses it with the melodies of Ireland, creating a genre-breaking and fresh sound. Having supported internationally renowned cellist, Jo Quail, and collaborating often with the East London artistic warehouse scene, Soricah has now managed to find the time to release her debut EP, Let The Fire Burn Free.

Back To Him has the jaunt of a traditional folk track, combined with a free-flowing reggae offbeat. Her vocals have the same wondering essence of Amy Winehouse, bolstered by a pitch-perfect performance. There’s also a raw punk feel that crops up now and again too. There’s so much going on in this track and it’s all amazingly impressive. Back To Him can be found on her debut EP which is out now.

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