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Sonia Barcelona is ready for whatever on her new single.

Sonia Barcelona, who adopted her surname on a trip to Spain, was once destined to be an accountant.  At the age of 19, disenchanted after years of cooking the books, the Las Vegas based singer / songwriter picked up a ukulele, knowing that music was her true calling and never looked back.

Preferring to play solo, Barcelona created her new single, ‘Whatever’ using her trademark RC-30 two channel looper and just guitar and vocal harmonies.  The song’s lyrics were inspired by a friend asking the singer, “Should I move to Spain?”  Barcelona replied, “Do whatever you want.”  However, ‘Whatever’ became more than just one based on a silly conversation, the result tells of Barcelona’s personal journey and combating her own self-doubt.  The song’s main lyrical hook, “Whatever, whatever, whatever you want, just do”, manages to sound positively life-affirming and tells of an artist who whole-heartedly believes in what she does.  Add to this a voice which is every bit as powerful and dynamic as that of Stevie Nicks, one of Barcelona’s biggest influences, and the result is a stunning statement of intent.


Review by Alice Jones

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