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Something Leather – Velvet [Review]

Something Leather – Velvet [Review]

Brighton-based alternative rock band Something Leather have released their newest single, ‘Velvet.’

A sultry mix of moody vocals, incendiary percussion and electrifying guitar combines with their signature 70’s Philips organ to create an irresistibly catchy tune. Band members Phillie, Greg, and Mike have nailed the perfect balance between cynicism and escapism with their trippy, bewitching allure.

Most impressive in this broodsome new release is ‘Velvet’s’ ability to conquer an array of percussion and croony lyrics while rousing guitar provides a pulse, anchoring the song amid the greats of alt rock.

‘Velvet’ transcends the listener experience; each bit of the song is as exhilarating as the previous—in short, fans will soon be bursting at the seams to get new music by Something Leather on their hands if this single is any sort of indication of the band’s future.


By Madison Obermeyer

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