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Some Villains – The Skin [Review]

Some Villains – The Skin [Review]

The is ‘The Skin’, the new one from alt-rock band Some Villains.

‘The Skin’ opens with a guitar riff that dances around and evolves into the song’s real opening, with distorted chords and thundering toms. Soft yet rough vocals cut through as a guitar subtly rings in the background and the rest of this alt rock track has you itching to move forward. The song is in recognition to the end of good things in life that leave cracks in your armour but is also a defiant acceptance that life still moves on and the contrast in vocal and instruments is a great reflection of this.

Guitars in the chorus play a catchy riff that circles round into a classic, high-drive and feedback-ringing solo. The steady guitars and drums keep the song on track as it twists and turns through differing chapters with no real set layout, and with no two the same until the end when the opening riff is played again. With the full weight of the band behind it, the song comes to a close.


Review by Matt Fishwick


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