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Sofia Lafuente – Good Intentions [Review]

Sofia Lafuente – Good Intentions [Review]

Good Intentions is the latest track from Sofia Lafuente.

In her first release since the Control EP debuted earlier this year, Sofia Lafuente shifts her musical paradigm with Good Intentions. It’s a track that is a pleasure to listen to, right from the off. The mellow groove and emotional vocals puts the listener at ease from the first note. The elegant construction of the tune is up there with the best, making it appealing to anyone who hears it.

The decision to write the lyrics in Spanish came from a time of reflection and sense of connection to her roots. The feeling of introspection comes across superbly throughout the song, whether that be through the honest, yet vivid imagery, or the sweetly woven sonic intricacies. But don’t just take my word for it, Good Intentions is out now for you to enjoy.

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