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Uniquely sounding and full of beans, Social Dance explode into fuzzy chaos with their brand new track, ‘Desire Unkept’.

The Psych Punk band from France has produced a delectably meaty record that is as dirty as the bars and clubs it should be blasted in. The massively overdriven guitars impose the beat on you, and the repetitive chord progressions force it to stay there. However, this is not a standard 3 chord punk anthem. The vocals during the verse are brilliantly layered over the top and contain a slither of staccato. It’s punchy, aggressive and welcoming all in one. There is also a very slight pop ring to them during the chorus, leaving you feeling that you are being told to join in on something awesome. This, accompanied by the underlying fuzzy lead guitar parts, creates that perfect fusion between psych and punk.

The one band that really springs to mind when listening to them is early Dandy Warhols, before they got way too into themselves. You can really see the influence shine though, particularly by the blend of harsh rock sounds and brushes of electronica. This somewhat goes for the vocal styling too, as the low tone mixed with the way the vocal melody comes right at you, is similar to Courtney Taylor-Talyor’s early style. Having said this, Social Dance definitely pack more of a raw punch.

Overall, this is a top record and you will like it for sure. This is a record you will catch yourself humming along to without realising, which in my eyes is what all great songs do. It comes straight off the back of the French duo’s first single, ‘Prologue’, and will be included in the up coming EP, ‘Caméléon’. Check it out!


Review by Tom Crowder

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