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Sly Antics – Sunday Fear [Review]

Sly Antics – Sunday Fear [Review]

‘Sunday Fear’ is the blistering new track from Manchester indie band ‘Sly Antics’.

If you’re a fan of bands like Kasabian and The Courteeners, then ‘Sly Antics’ are the new band for you. The influences are clear to here in their music, and ‘Sunday Fear’ is no exception. The song explores themes of regret after a weekend of heavy drinking, in a style not dissimilar to Arctic Monkeys’ ‘The View From The Afternoon’.

After listening to the opening seconds, you’d be forgiven for expecting something laid back and melodic, but that all ends pretty suddenly as the electric guitars and drums kick in. The layered vocals in the verses add an extra dimension to the single, and the contrast of the higher and lower voices make the sound even punchier than it was already. The bridge sets up the chorus perfectly with a nice mellow tone, before the crashing sounds of heavy drums and guitar reappear.

If you’re looking for some proper Manchester indie rock then this song is for you. They may be making music in a saturated genre, but I wouldn’t bet against them to go pretty far. Other tracks of theirs such as ‘Motion’ and ‘Captive City’ show their slightly heavier side as well, proving that they’re a versatile band with a lot to offer.


Review by Joseph Russ

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