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Slow Skies, aka Karen Sheridan produces a light and delicate ballad in ‘Dancing’ that is sure to leave you feeling happier after listening.

Written on a rare, hot summer day in Dublin, ‘Dancing’ reflects the environment and atmosphere that it was written in very well. The song talks about the importance of dancing, and the drum beat certainly makes it difficult not to at least bob your head along.

Sheridan’s voice is absolutely beautiful, starting off very delicately, and as the song builds so do her vocals. The song builds into something so positive, that it’s difficult to feel cynical whilst listening. Even if you hear the song on a rainy day in the middle of March, you can picture yourself in the hot sun in June on a white beach somewhere. Sheridan said that she wrote the majority of the lyrics whilst blindfolded, to strip away any sensory distractions, and it worked incredibly well, as it’s hard to think of anything else during the course of the track, and you find yourself in your own little world.

In the last few years, Sheridan has released 3 EP’s, and her and her band have supported artists such as James Vincent McMorrow and St. Vincent.


Review by Joseph Russ

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