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Dallas based Sleepy Zuhoski has released a breezy lofi track ‘Daydream’, mixing classic indie ideas with his own injection of fuzzy coziness.

From the off you are immersed into a dream like world, full of chilled out synth effects and slightly distorted guitar patterns, not to mention the easy going lyrical styling of Garret ‘Sleepy’ Zuhoski. To say the record is understated is and understatement in itself. Although certain tones do create a somewhat muted sound, the variety of guitar parts and effective synth melody bring a classic indie vibrancy. Imagine if The Strokes and Eels made sweet, sweet love, this would be the product. The overall feel is meticulously lazy, executed by the great match-up of the well thought out craft of songwriting and production of the track.

What best sums this track up comes from Sleepy Zuhoski himself, ‘we should / take a trip / and melt away our brains today.’ The lyric captures the essence of the record wonderfully, and by jaggering the vocal melody it bolsters the captivating idea behind the track, that of a hallucinogenic journey through the mundanity of life. It’s the perfect cathartic release to cure those hangover blues!

You can find ‘Daydream’ along with his other release ‘Asleep for a Year’ on most music streaming websites, with more coming later in the year when the debut album ‘Better Haze’ drops. So keep an eye out for a release date and pop that in your calendar as it should be a fantastic debut from the talented Texan.


Review by Tom Crowder

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