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Sleeping With Sunshine – Blue [Review]

Sleeping With Sunshine – Blue [Review]

Sleeping with Sunshine have released their brand new single ‘Blue’.

Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, ‘Blue’ details the feeling often associated with the colour, but Sleeping With Sunshine offers an optimistic perspective, described by the artist as ‘Succumbed no more, released, and now flowing’. The track manages to offer something simultaneously laid-back and up-beat, with intricate guitar licks, a tight rhythm section and an impressively versatile vocal performance.

Masterminded by frontman Ian Campbell, Sleeping With Sunshine is a band with a vision that combines a plethora of styles to create their own unique lane within their field. Ian’s dedication and desire to dive deeper into his musical career has brought him to Nashville, with full focus on honing his craft and developing the band’s sound.

Inspired by the likes of Chris Stapleton and Jack Johnson, Sleeping With Sunshine offer a truly positive and relatable message within their music.

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