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Sixteen Jackies – You Came [Review]

Sixteen Jackies – You Came [Review]

Sixteen Jackie’s new track You Came fires an arrow through the genre of the love song and propels forward with an altogether new twist.

The first thing you notice about the track You Came is the effortless guitar intro and continuous background accompaniment that gets your hands tapping on the table and your feet moving. The track builds from there with tonal vocals and spills out towards the end into a furious romp that is addictive listening.

You Came is one of those songs you have to listen to a few times, with each listen you get to hear a whole new verse buried somewhere in there you didn’t know existed the first time. Wonderous and thought provoking as the lyrics are they all fit superbly with the beat and tone of the song. I must admit this type of music isn’t my usual cup of tea but after putting the track on repeat a few times I am warming up to be a convert, Sixteen Jackie’s You Came is defiantly a hit that’s sticking around the downloads for a while.


Review by Matthew Waters

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