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Sir Cadian Rhythm – Headstands [Review]

Sir Cadian Rhythm – Headstands [Review]

Long Island, NY five-piece Sir Cadian Rhythm hit hard with their infectious new track, and first release of 2018, ‘Headstands.’

Headstands begins with a guitar chiming sequence of notes, accompanied by a crisp drum beat. A fleeting synth pushes through with distant voices, sounding as though they are echoing somewhere within.  You get the feeling that you could be in an industrial district of a city, hundreds of years from the present day.  The intro quickly develops into a powerful and energetic guitar riff, then bass kicks in and the drums smash through.  Jack Weppler’s vocals begin with crystal clear determination. However the subject matter of the song is conveyed well. Sir Cadian Rhythm themselves describe this as “…a great representation of the times as well as us as a band.”  They add, “We are in a state of flux in our society and this song speaks to that.”

As the song unfolds, you discover so much more about it.  Hooks, riffs, harmonies and perfectly placed melodies which pull you further and further into a strange but vibrant world of change.  A heartbeat sounding drum sends the listener spiralling, as the band build to a rocking crescendo of pure energy.

The five band members come from quite different musical upbringings, ranging from musical theatre to horn-laden funk to psychedelic rock music.  This mix of styles has undoubtedly enabled them to develop their own unique and refreshing sonic blend. Performing right across the east coast of the US, they have opened for acts including Andy Grammer, Blues Traveler, The Robert Randolph Band, and The Record Company.  Their previous single, ‘Not Quite Done Yet’, featured in the video game “Nascar Heat 2” during the latter part of 2017, and has already accumulated close to half a million streams on Spotify. The band’s song ‘Run Around Town’ also features on the film soundtrack of ‘Back in the Day’ starring Alec Baldwin.

We can be sure to expect plenty more where all this came from, and just to wet our appetites a little more, Sir Cadian Rhythm will be appearing at SXSW this March.


Review by Elaine Summers

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