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Simulated Youth – Digital Memories [Review]

Simulated Youth – Digital Memories [Review]

Simulated Youth share their two-track release, Digital Memories.

There’s a refreshing uniqueness with the latest tunes from Simulated Youth. Digital Memories and Happy Ending are two well-worked electro bangers that are smartly connected to each other. What makes the first track so enticing is the magically mellow sounding synth tones. Coupled with the bold vocal melody, it creates a great rise to the intensely woven drop. It’s how danceable and memorable electro tunes should be.

The second track acts as a follow on from the previous, as the synth tones and vocals are the main atmosphere drivers. It’s only a short track at less than a minute, however, it definitely adds to the whole vibe of the release. You get a real sense of ‘the morning after the night before’ here, as the vocals and synths come together ethereally. Overall, Digital Memories a smart bit of electro music that is guaranteed to whet your dancing appetite.

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