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Silas Luster – moldamensions

Silas Luster – moldamensions

Here’s ‘moldamensions’, the latest cut from Massachusetts hip-hop artist & filmmaker Silas Luster.

This one has a particularly pure hip-hop feel to it, with a minimalist beat that throws back to a Mobb Deep style, a vibe that’s not too often heard across the modern rap landscape.

Silas Luster doesn’t jump quickly into his bars, in fact it take a good minute until his lyricism kicks in. This is a bold choice, especially in an era saturated with fast-moving rhythms and ten-a-penny hooks. Luster is clearly taking his music back to basics; where lyrics take precedent over catchy hooks, and honest, sincere bars rule over the cliched verses we hear in the mainstream.

In truth, the track does take it’s time to really get going, which may put some listener’s off. But there’s plenty of hip-hop heads out there who’ll truly appreciate the more considered path Silas Luster is taking with his sound.

Even if you like your rap fast and fierce, I’d advise you to give ‘moldamensions’ time to grow into itself as you listen. My personal favourite bars come in the track’s final act, where clever verses drop and flow tightly over uncluttered instrumentals. It’s got that true old school east coast character.

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