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Sihan – In My Space [Review]

Sihan – In My Space [Review]

Chinese producer and songwriter Sihan has released his new single—and first international single—’In My Space.’

‘In My Space’ features vocals by Hong Kong-based artist Celine, who Sihan also featured in his 2018 single ‘Just My Type.’ Pairing electronic beats and ethereal harmonies with ease, Sihan’s compelling and indisputable talent solidify his place among pop-EDM greats like Flume and DJ Snake.

Sihan creates a unique combination of vibrant electronic beats with dreamlike vocals, a trademark of the party generation—in short, I want to dance to this song for hours on end.

Sihan’s skill in music production began as early as age 14; at age 16, the producer/songwriter attended the Berklee College of Music. Since graduating from Berklee, Sihan’s music, inspired by the likes of Diplo and Skrillex, has caught the eye of brands including Vogue and Sephora, for which he has created music for and understandably remains in demand.

Transient over seasons and perhaps even years, ‘In My Space’ is sure to be a top track for months on end.


Review by Madison Obermeyer

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