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Short Sharp Scratch – Shark Infested Waters [Review]

Short Sharp Scratch – Shark Infested Waters [Review]

The new single from Jak Chantler, now known as Short Sharp Scratch certainly does not fail to deliver.

The former guitarist from alt-grunge outfit Kingskin, who won ‘Best unsigned band’ in the eyes of Kerrang, has moved away from his rock roots and slipped so easily into the syncopated grooves of soulful funk.

Jak leaves nowhere to hide from the get-go. A thumping synth bass line forces its way through the gaps of the tight, driving drum groove that propel the song into the main vocal. Sung by Toby Couling (vocalist for Tom Odell), the vocal is assured and assertive; jamiroquai-esque in its delivery. In mirroring the bass line, Jak has already allowed the song to burrow its way into your head, and don’t think it will be leaving any time soon.

The chorus’ hook is uplifting and addictive, touching on perseverance in relationships, rounded off with a bridge section reminiscent of early 80’s Michael Jackson or Stevie Wonder. This section triumphs the virtuosic keys and synth of Mo Pleasure (of Earth Wind and Fire) and Jak’s lavish vocal harmony arrangements.


Review by Niall Summerton

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