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Shira – Class Clown [Review]

Shira – Class Clown [Review]

Australian singer-songwriter Shira shares her latest single ‘Class Clown’.

Written about her experiences coping with anxiety and depression, ‘Class Clown’ is a deeply moving and emotive single. Lyrically, ‘Class Clown’ offers a peek behind the mask to see the true Shira that is underneath. Both songwriter and producer, Shira worked with pianist Theo Slagt, transforming ‘Class Clown’ from a piano ballad to a dark and mesmerising song that transcends genre.

Following in the footsteps of some of her favourite artists, Shira channels her personal experiences and emotions into her music. Drawing influence from Nine Inch Nails and Grimes, her songs deal with mental illness and the effects it can have on your day to day living. Her stage name Shira was inspired by a Studio Ghibli character and incorporates her Ukrainian heritage. ‘Class Clown’ will be her second release, with her first single having been released earlier this year.

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