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Shaylee – Audrey [Review]

Shaylee – Audrey [Review]

Audrey is the latest heartfelt track from Portland-based Shaylee.

Centred around grief and loss, Audrey is the tale of a local musician who committed suicide and the reverberations that had upon Shalyee’s lead singer/songwriter, Elle Archer. Archer tells, ‘Beyond the fact that she was a musician and a trans woman just like me, it seemed like she was someone worth honouring’. It’s a cathartic piece of musical wizardry, written to help Archer deal with the untimely passing of someone she didn’t directly know, yet she feels firmly connected with.

The beautiful thing about Audrey is the exemplary way Shalyee sets the tone. There’s plenty of emotion poured into the track, forcing you to listen and remember the story of Audrey. It’s not just the perfectly woven vocal melody that evokes this feeling, the smartly constructed arrangement does too. It ebbs and flows, making you follow the journey from beginning to end. Audrey is an astonishingly sweet ode, that is carried out with style and grace, leaving you in a thoughtful daze long after the final chord is struck.

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