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Shayan Kay – Brother [Review]

Shayan Kay – Brother [Review]

Shayan Kay brings his lucid groove to the table with his new tune Brother.

Shayan is an American based singer-songwriter and producer, originally from Iran. He taught himself guitar and music production during his teenage years and moulded his talent throughout the Tehran underground music scene. Due to the censorship around live music and recording, he decided to hone his skills further at Berklee College of Music. In Brother, you can see this impressive musical journey seeping through with a mix of western and eastern influences combining to produce a delight for the ears.

It has everything you would want in a mellow, groove-filled track. You sink into the bass line and float away with the excellently positioned lead guitar parts. He showcases his roots through his vocals, as the bold choral sound reverberates around the track with delicate poise. Brother is one of those tracks that you find new things each time you listen to it. I’m sure once you have a listen you will be hooked.

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