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Shaun Barrowes – Dragon Girl [Review]

Shaun Barrowes – Dragon Girl [Review]

Join us and take a listen to the stomping new track, ‘Dragon Girl’ by Emmy nominated singer/songwriter and founder of the thriving Live for Music programme, Shaun Barrowes.

Internationally acclaimed artist, Shaun Barrowes is riding high in the online music popularity stakes right now. As a teenager, he competed in season seven of American Idol. Following on from there, the singer and pianist went on to release a jazz album which was extremely well received. Further song writing credits to his name include commercials, movie scores and also the World Cup 2014 Brazil theme song, titled ‘Golazo’ which featured the One Voice Children’s choir. The music video for his ‘Army of Kings’, earned him an Emmy nomination. The list of musical credits and performances goes on. When you also consider the varied artists whom Shaun Barrowes has performed with, including Mandy Moore, Brian Mcknight and John Schmidt (The Piano Guys) just to name a few, it’s clear as crystal that this versatile singer/songwriter is progressing not only quickly, but also rather impressively within his musical career.

Dragon Girl is a catchy and memorable love song which Shaun wrote for his wife to be. It is a song that demands your full attention. The snappy drums and bass line pull you in, along with a fast and energetic piano which strides along, and almost roars. Barrowes’ vocals are mellow but timed with sharp precision, and his harmonies are completely on point. In the artist’s own words, he “writes anthems for unsung heroes,” and this one will stick in your head for days!

Shaun Barrowes is well on his way to super stardom, and don’t just take my word for it. This is clearly backed up by music video views in their tens of millions, which he has already achieved on Facebook and YouTube. These are really exciting times for this passionate artist who quite rightly refuses to be labelled within one genre, and compares his music to “light that is refracted through a prism.” Talking of light, the future’s so bright for Shaun Barrows, you really will need your shades!


Review by Elaine Summers

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