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Sharaya Summers – Wonder [Review]

Sharaya Summers – Wonder [Review]

‘Wonder’ is a delicately formed gem of a track from the up and coming singer-songwriter superstar Sharaya Summers.

The track is carried by the light effortless strums of an acoustic guitar before introducing rhythmic drums and shimmering tambourine that build on the instrumentals as the song progresses.

However, what really shines here is Sharayas’ vocal and songwriting capabilities. Her gentle vocals soar with ease reciting her well-penned lyrics of a lost love.

The perfect pairing for a day in the sun ‘Wonder’ is one that makes for easy listening, but has a catchy rhythm that will worm its way into your head and get your toe tapping listen after listen.

Sharaya Summers is only just getting started, her debut single ‘Light of the Moon’ is currently sitting nicely at over half a million streams on Spotify, and she is gearing up for the release of her highly anticipated debut EP later this year, so keep your eyes and ears peeled.


Review by Lucy Mccourt

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