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Shaman Elect – Ships Ahoy [Review]

Shaman Elect – Ships Ahoy [Review]

Shaman Elect the Brooklyn based band have dropped their newest track entitled ‘Ships Ahoy.’

The tune is a sprightly foot tapper and the tight grooves and crisp tones are infectious. The band have an interesting sound, combining together elements of jazz, rock and electronica with emotive and soft sounding lyrics. It is astounding that the group have only been working together since 2017 when Mike Mallkowski and Sarah Warshowsky joined. They have such a confidence in their style and the band have taken the New York music scene by stor .

The quartet are currently working on their first debut album entitled ‘Mind the Ether’ and in light of the bands success in New York I’m sure their upcoming album release will only encourage their growing fan base.  I love the echoing nature of the song and the faded melodies are highly appealing. If you are a music fan looking for a band with an idiosyncratic sound then I would definitely recommend giving these guys a listen.


Review by Georgia Jackson

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