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Only Shadows – Escape [Review]

Only Shadows – Escape [Review]

Following on from the success of their first offering Fight Milk back in September, Only Shadow just dropped a new one on us. Have a listen to Escape.



It’s a powerful alt-rock track, with soaring vocals sitting perfectly over a heavy-indie instrumental.

Loose comparisons could be drawn to the likes of The Gaslight Anthem, Arcade Fire or The Killers. There’s a definitive indie sensibility to the song, but with a hard-hitting, anthemic quality that sets it apart in a crowded alt-rock scene.

The song was written during some dark days for the band as Nick Ashby (lead vocals) explains: “The song came from frustration & anger of the repetition of life, maybe coming from a small town has led to those feelings. It’s about getting out of it and doing something about it, not taking no for an answer”. 

After spending 2017 locked away with Bruce Rintoul (Fatherson, Twin Atlantic) you can tell the band have taken things to a whole new level with their latest impeccably-produced releases.

The band are headed on a short run of headline dates in late November and we recommended you take the chance to see these guys live.


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