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Serious Klein – Boy Boy [Review]

Serious Klein – Boy Boy [Review]

Wordsmith and gifted lyricist German based rapper Serious Klein has released the first single ‘Boy Boy’ from his long-awaited debut album.

Serious Klein is a German born rapper whose grasp of the English language came early on in his life from listening to American rap artists and songs which he says formed the basis of his desire to get into the industry as a rapper. He has already enjoyed success being a joint headliner alongside PUSHA T, also performing with Alicia Keys, this extraordinary talent from Germany is set to traverse the starlit steps to fame.

His track new ‘Boy Boy’ is a phenomenal fusion of Jazz mixed with a heaped teaspoon of soul and sprinkled with a tasteful amount of gospel, which amalgamates into a sharp and edgy rapping track. His unique style bleeds through his music and after listening you come through the other side feeling speechless, an experience that only an artist like Serious Klein can accomplish.

Writing music from the tender age of 12 and recording from the age of 14 he has grown with his music letting the listener indulge deeply in a vocal diary of life experiences. His talent has not gone unnoticed even from his younger years, this track was produced by another German rap star and Grammy award winner Rascal which just adds more weight to the tracks star appeal. This artist is truly a force of nature who has blew straight into favour among established artists who recognise his talent.

Serious Klein poses his musical offerings as art which touches the soul in differing ways, you laugh, cry and ultimately reminisce through the lyrics to his songs and ‘Boy Boy’ takes you on a journey of emotion. Serious Klein is one of the hottest urban newcomers to the scene, ‘Boy Boy’ is just a taste of what he has to come and I for one am waiting with anticipation for comes next.

So, windows down whilst doing the school, head bobbing and ignore the winces of embarrassment from the kids, trust me they will feel it too and join in, roll that volume dial up and enjoy a track that beats like a heart and roars like a poet, with ‘Boy Boy’ you’re in for a treat.


Review by Matthew Waters

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