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Senior – I Feel Better Alone [Review]

Senior – I Feel Better Alone [Review]

Senior has released his latest album ‘I Feel Better Alone’.

‘I Feel Better Alone’ is the emotive and inspiring new album from singer-songwriter Senior. Feeling inspired to share his story, Senior wrote this album from a place of anxiety, tracking his progression towards more positive feelings in the hopes that this collection of emotionally moving songs will help others who are listening. Written entirely by him, Senior used real life events as the inspiration for this 16 track album.

Using his rollercoaster life as his inspiration, Senior always creates art that is rooted in reality. Senior believes in human connection as a fundamental need which is why his lyrics touch the very core of a large, international audience, showing the versatility of his music. His music connects with people on an almost spiritual level, an achievement that Senior is incredibly proud of. ‘I Feel Better Alone’ will follow on from the success of his previously released singles which have garnered him an impressive following from around the world on social media and Spotify.

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