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Sean Reid – Flashbacks [Review]

Sean Reid – Flashbacks [Review]

The electro-pop vibes of Sean Reid’s debut single with Power Records “Flashbacks”, immediately indicates a promising future for Reid in this genre.

The slick sharp post-production of this single is noticeable from the outset, showcasing the artist’s previous experience as a musician. This establishes a strong sense of professionalism in Reid’s recent work, leaving no doubt in my mind that his career in the music industry will continue to grow.

The steady tempo created by the rhythms of the synth and percussion is suggestive of a nostalgic journey obviously reflecting the title of the song. The layering of ornamented vocals adds pockets of interesting melodic snippets into the accompaniment which allows the song not to be labelled as repetitive. Although the absence of music halfway through may seem abrupt it complements the lyrics nicely, tying into the themes of forgetting and remembrance.

Reid has had much success in landing support gigs with big-time artists such as Taio Cruz, Akon, Lemar and many more. Although this is great experience, I believe that the professional nature of his latest single indicates he is now ready to be the star of the show, and become a headliner act in his own rights.


By Hannah Grainger

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