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A Thousand Hues, is the new beautiful single from Dutch singer/songwriter Sean Christopher, out now on Dumont Dumont and is from his debut album ‘Yonder’.

The heart-rendering song was inspired by a real life tragedy,  “I read a story a few years ago about a Japanese man who lost his wife during the Tsunami back in 2011. He could not find her on land and decided to take diving lessons to search the sea. I was really moved by it, and ‘A Thousand Hues’ was written soon after.” The song has a simplicity with delicate guitar chords and vocals that pulls on the heart strings.

The singles video, directed and shot by Job Antoni, in one take, compliments this song perfectly. Filmed on one of the roads to Brioude, France, we watch Sean walk backwards, whilst looking straight into the camera, with a car passing at on point, creating a sense of vulnerability.

The acoustic guitar coupled with the one take video creates a raw piece of art full of emotions and is definitely worth a watch/listen.


Review by Lucy Coombs

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