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Sea Glass (Ft. Misty Boyce & Dripping Honey) – Brand New [Review]

Sea Glass (Ft. Misty Boyce & Dripping Honey) – Brand New [Review]

Sea Glass teams up with Misty Boyce and Dripping Honey to bring us Brand New.

Sea Glass - "Brand New" Ft Misty Boyce & Dripping Honey

Brand New is the latest release from Brooklyn based Sea Glass’ forthcoming EP, Advanced Youth. By enlisting the talents of Misty Boyce and Dripping Honey, Sea Glass has produced a track that is completely unique. It also captures the tricky task of remaining assuredly familiar at the same time. It’s refreshing to see all the parts of a collaborative project working so seamlessly.

The hard work has certainly paid off for everyone involved here. With touches of alt-pop vibrancies and indie sensibilities, Brand New has all the elements to make this a memorable, chilled out hit. A Grizzly Bear inspired sentimental vibe is what really sets this track apart. The combination of different vocal styles are impeccably put together, keeping the listener interested, whilst the rest of the music sweeps you away around a musical lazy river. All in all, Brand New is a track that you will not want to miss.

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