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Scratch – I Don’t Mind [Review]

Scratch – I Don’t Mind [Review]

The Big Apple meets the even bigger Oz forming the partnership Scratch who have released their electrically charged track I Don’t Mind from their upcoming album.

The duo from New York and Perth are bandmates of old and if only distant relationships were as harmonious as the tracks these two are currently producing. Ruz and Avi have released this track from their upcoming album, it was the first track they wrote for the album which really signifies what we can look forward to.

The laid back mood of I Don’t Mind really lives up to its namesake being so laid back it nearly falls over. Scratch have tapped into an electric yet eccentric harmony that screams lazy summer afternoons when for even the most hard-nosed fan, hard rock simply won’t do. The guitar play is excellent and mirrors the lyrics perfectly.

In an age where we want everything now with everyone rushing around so quickly, a track like this is perfection personified in attempting to get us to stop and smell the roses, grab a loved and kick back in your favourite cuddle chair, open the windows and let Scratch’s new track I Don’t Mind breeze your worries away.


Review by Matthew Waters

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