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Scott Howard – Awaken [Review]

Scott Howard – Awaken [Review]

Scott Howard’s latest single “Awaken” channels many social, philosophical and existential questions through this soft contemporary rock and pop track.

His unique raspy vocals and deep resonant lyrics resemble that of Ivan Moody’s performance of I Apologize which establishes Howard as a respectable presence on the rock scene.

However, what differentiates Howard’s music from the rest of the rock scene is his unique composition choices. Such as, on his latest album “The Ascended Man” he chose to tune to 432 Hz which is the same frequency chosen by geniuses in the classical world such as Mozart, Beethoven and Bach. This creates subtle but unique differences in Howard’s music, showing the deep and intellectual thought that goes into his works.

The acoustic set up, use of minor chords and the gradual build up allows the message of the song to connect on a deeper level with the listener. These elements also emphasise the seriousness of the messages that Howard is trying to portray about global warming.

Howard’s unique thoughts of using classical tuning in his work, as well as his high ambitions of performing at the pyramids of Giza in Egypt, show the unique and irreplaceable position that he holds in the music industry.


By Hannah Grainger

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