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Scoobert Doobert – Moving to Canada [Review]

Scoobert Doobert – Moving to Canada [Review]

Moving to Canada is the new psychedelic pop track from Scoobert Doobert.

It’s been a busy year for Scoobert. Moving to Canada is one of several releases the San Diego native has put out this year. It combines the floaty essence of a psychedelic trip and the catchiness of a pop banger. Even though the track is excellently constructed and lovingly shaped, Scoobert doesn’t take himself too seriously. It’s a refreshing stance given what’s going on around us at the moment.

There’s a great likeness to Of Montreal and Babe Rainbow that oozes out of every musical sinew in this one. The wondering vocals are lightly dusted over the distinctive bass line. You are drawn into the medley of psychedelic sounds, finding otherworldly subtleties each time you listen. Moving to Canada is the musical antidote for anyone who needs a bit of an uplift, or just wants to continue kicking out the jams.

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