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Scenery – Old News

Scenery – Old News

Scenery are back with a new EP, Old News.

The 5-piece from Derry, Northern Ireland have created an awesome snapshot of what they’re capable of, with a blend of rocky soulful tunes which rises above the rest.

You can tell they’ve musically matured since past releases, creating a mellow yet vibrant sound which reminisces of young love and all the strife that accompanies it.



Track one, ‘Everyday Type of Guy’, kicks off with a cacophony of groove. The drums, guitars and saxophone mingling into one sets the tone for the whole EP. The easy-going rhythm is a pleasing listening experience, which becomes even more intriguing when the saxophone starts blasting out. It keeps your ear drums stimulated for sure.

‘Fool for you’ is up next, which is sure to tickle the romantic in you. Intricate guitar work underneath the lullaby-esque vocals conjures the image that you are in some sort of 50’s diner, remembering lovers that have been loved and lost -- I cant stop thinking that I’m in the middle of the musical Grease -- but in a good way!


SCENERY - Fool for You (Official Video)


The EP then takes a sultry turn.

‘Try You Out’ creates a seedy atmosphere spearheaded by the sax and rhythm section. The vocals are equally enticing. They awaken emotions which everyone can relate to after they’ve had a few bevs. Hazy, boozy, lusty. The rock influences are back in this one with some sweet guitar work and thought-out pauses throughout the song.

The EP’s pièce de résistance is ‘Mad Thing’. Its ballsy and evocative tone brings a perfect hysteria to finish the EP off. It again oozes soulful charm, before turning into an ode to the 70s classic rock. It cumulates in the vocals, sax and guitar vying for attention, as if it’s various voices competing in your mind. The guitar wins, ending on a lovely acoustic outro, like a question mark at the end of a sentence, asking what is next for the band?



All in all, this is a top EP. The fusion of rock and soul can be difficult to pull off, but the way Scenery blend the concept is impressive. If they stick with this sound, it’s sure to spell great things in the near future. You can catch them at Spectrum 17 festival in Belfast at the end of October and hopefully it wont be too long before they come over to visit the rest of the UK.


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Words by Tom Crowder

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