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Sc Mira – Give It Up [Review]

Sc Mira – Give It Up [Review]

‘Give It Up’ for Sc Mira, the Canadian band with lofty ambitions.

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Canadian band Sc Mira’s press release makes some strong claims, such as “everything you never knew you wanted in a band.” On first listen, the electronic squelches of ‘Give It Up’ remind the listener of bands such as Morcheeba and Sneaker Pimps. However, scratch the surface and there is more underlying to this band than simply a carbon copy of their influences. This is a band who are made up of five very unique people who all bring something different to the mix, such as the Karen O-esque vocal stylings of Sadye Cage and the throbbing bass of Mario Lagasse.

‘Give It Up’ features some rather disturbing lyrics about crucifixion (“Got me up against the wall, nails in my hands”). Such dark lyrics have led the band to be branded as ‘death pop’ but this is far from depressing. ‘Give It Up’ showcases the sound of a band with a bright future. Having already performed at major festivals worldwide, keep an eye on Sc Mira, they might just be the next big thing.


Review by Alice Jones

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