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Saw Tooth Wave – The Human Condition [Review]

Saw Tooth Wave – The Human Condition [Review]

LA based solo artist, Cris Cordero brings us the latest from his repertoire, streamlining an eclectic mix of inspirations to whet the appetite.

Being no stranger to writing music, Cris Cordero, better known as Saw Tooth Wave, presents an artfully precise and wonderfully mysterious track with wide ranging influences nipping and tucking throughout. The multi-instrumentalists main focus takes from 90’s alternative/grunge vibes, with sharp and clinical guitar twangs accompanying a thudding bass line, striking you right in the middle of your chest. The overall composition of the piece reminds me of the more obscure Jeff Buckley numbers, especially with the blend of the jagged delays and dulcet vocal style, which sway along perfectly and intriguingly.

There is also a wisp of 80’s dark pop affectations that encase the cut, bringing a compelling slant to the music. The delayed guitar, twinned with the high pitch tones and scintillating harmonies thrust you back 30 years, to a time when bands like Ultravox topped the charts. You get a sensation that keeps you teetering on the edge, conjuring a sense of anticipation that cumulates into a fantastic listening experience. What’s really interesting is the breakdown towards the end. The guitar and vocals completely drop off, replaced by a rambunctiously dutty electronic element, before quietly returning to the status quo of the track. It comes out of nowhere, surprising you, and creates a fresh dynamic to the song.

Excitingly, there is still more to come from this former bedroom musician. ‘The Human Condition’ is the first track to be released from the forth coming EP, ‘A Safe Place For Feelings’, due out late this year. If the rest are anything like this, we are in for a real treat!

But, if you cannot wait that long for other material, check out Cris’ previous EP ‘Ghost’.


Review by Tom Crowder

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