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Satellite Ravens – Changes [Review]

Satellite Ravens – Changes [Review]

Satellite Ravens ride out psychedelic waves, funky basslines, and electronic momentum on their latest single, ‘Changes.’

Satellite Ravens is the wildly creative, genre-defying musical project of American vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and song-writer Carson Rohde. ‘Changes’, the latest single off their new album ‘The Equinox’, sees Satellite Ravens pushing their original sound to new heights, and the result is spectacular.

‘Changes’ encapsulates countless styles, including electronic, synth-pop, disco, psychedelic, and indie-rock. The track opens to an infectious funk groove, combining a light snappy beat, a strong bassline and a simple though convincing electric guitar riff. As ‘Changes’ progresses, this instrumentation soon expands to create a much larger sound, featuring electronic elements. Indeed, part of the beauty of ‘Changes’ is how the track takes on a life of its own, particularly in the second half, seeming to twist, turn, and develop organically. No part of this track sounds forced, and this effortless feel is one of its great strengths.

One of the most joyous things about Satellite Ravens is that they don’t seem to take themselves too seriously, yet they still bang out genuinely great music. While ‘Changes’ is notable for its repetition, particularly in the refrain, the instrumentation and progression switch up enough to keep listeners on their toes. Just like their fantastically unpredictable track, we hope Satellite Ravens will continue to surprise us and make waves as their sound grows into the future.


Review by Lucy O’Toole

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