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Saso Sandic – Someone with a Strange [Review]

Saso Sandic – Someone with a Strange [Review]

‘Someone with a Strange’ is the newest release from the indie singer-songwriter Saso Sandic.

The Slovenian born artist moved to New York in 2014 and quickly began working with an iconic line-up of session and touring musicians. Sandic records and plays with the likes of Tony Garnier (Bob’s Dylan’s musical director and bass player) on a regular basis. Most notably his latest EP Someone with a Strange Side A was engineered by Matt Shane, mixed by Mario J McNulty and mastered by Dave McNair. Grammy award winning producers who have worked with musical icons such as David Bowie, Patti Smith and Nile Rodgers.

Sandic along with his line-up of impressive producers and musicians have created an EP that is meticulously crafted and beautifully orchestrated. Yet, it should not be forgotten that Sandic is a gifted artist and song writer in his own right. For me this is most evident in the standout track ‘Someone with a Strange’ where Sandic showcases his soft but alluring vocals. The single is a calming and mellow piece layered with gentle harmonies, piano and guitar instrumentals. Though the piece has been crafted meticulously it has a relaxed tone which allows its listener to be swept up in his soothing sound. Sandic claims “2018 is all about the music” and it will be intriguing to see what this talented musician goes on to create.


Review by Kate Pearson

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