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Saro – Boy Afraid [Review]

Saro – Boy Afraid [Review]

Rising alternative singer-songwriter Saro has released a captivating new single ‘Boy Afraid’.

Boy Afraid sits on the cutting-edge of modern dark-pop, creating a compelling yet bleak ambiance. Electronic twists ride alongside drawn-out synths, all draped in a masterful falsetto vocal performance akin to a melancholy Prince.

Saro’s music is not meant as a joyful experience. It takes you on a self-reflective and introspective journey. There’s a meaningful and vulnerable quality to this emerging pop artist’s lyrics, and a truthfulness to his tone which permeates the listener’s psyche from the first line to the last.

Beginning softly, Boy Afraid eases you in with echoing synth lines and warm vocals. As the beat kicks, Saro’s pitch raises, building intensity into a chorus laced with memorable hooks and an audibly affected voice. Post-chorus the song settles once again, before rising into choral melodies and bridge.

Saro is an pioneering emerging artist making waves and producing music at the forefront of contemporary pop, and this latest track is another step in the right direction.


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