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After a hard day at work when all you want to do is sit and block out the world, to switch on and listen or watch Sara Philips new song, ‘Rich and Famous’, splashes high octane on the dwindling embers of your ambition and ignites aspirations of forgotten dreams.

Sara Philips has written a song that taps into your own yearning desire to succeed in a world where most don’t or even attempt to try. I found a tear on my cheek following the video for my own unattained dreams but also felt a fresh to start anew and grasp for that elusive fruit of success. The video, directed and shot by Matthew Nieman and Kemal Cilengir engages through urban gritty backdrops and streets leaning towards an edgy vibe and social inequality undertones.

The song itself was written by Sara Philips, produced by Mike Daley, Mitchell Owens & Sara Phillips. It pulsates with emotion casting a light upon her desires and dreams, melodic verses take us on journey through our own senses of self-worth and appraisal. The song is well written and versed perfectly by Sara Philips own style adopting a mirror through most of the video. It is uniquely captivating and absorbing drawing us into her world if only for a brief time. Sara draws upon inspiration from artists such as Norah Jones, Fiona Apple and Bob Dylan allowing her to inject an intuitive feeling of melancholy and hope for the future.

The song, ‘Rich and Famous’, is currently available on all streaming services including Youtube where it has been met with sever accolade from the public with uplifting and courteous critique of the song and the video. Sara is carving her way to a bright future and if she continues to front songs of the nature she will gain the success she richly deserves, expertly owning a coveted niche market.


Review by Matthew Waters

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