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Sandy Hawkins – Cherry Chapstick [Review]

Sandy Hawkins – Cherry Chapstick [Review]

Cherry Chapstick is the feel good summer anthem from Sandy Hawkins.

After meeting in the same apartment block, LA trio Sandy Hawkins bring their lucid take on the golden era of hip hop to the masses. The trio of neighbours, who are now good friends, have spent their time refining their craft of catchy beats and memorable vocal hooks. This almost brotherly chemistry oozes from every note in the track. The rhythm sticks with you, as the splendid use of sampling results in a treat for the ears.

This use of sampling and the unique flow has an atmosphere of alt pop great Beck. It has the same lazy feel the 90s icon is so famed for. However, Sandy Hawkins have also drawn on other genres, bringing in elements of surf rock and hip hop to create something really special. I can guarantee that you will not be forgetting this one in a while.

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