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Samuel Jr. – M92 [Review]

Samuel Jr. – M92 [Review]

Samuel Jr shares his latest single M92.

M92 [Official Video]

Starting his musical journey in 2015 as a producer, in recent years, Samuel Jr has decided to move to the forefront with his blend of rap and hip-hop. Riding the wave of the increasingly popular autotune style of hip-hop, M92 is a sensational hit that has catchy vocal melodies and chilled out beats. He’s got his sights set high, with aspirations to become the biggest hip-hop artist out of Australia, and with his many years of experience, the sky’s the limit.

M92 is one of those tracks that you adore on first listen. Everything is in perfect balance, with the elegant vocals floating perfectly over the more sinister beats. Like all good hip-hop tunes, M92 has the potential to become a serious earworm. It’s been out for over two weeks now and you won’t want to miss out on this one.

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