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SamSeb Kierkegaard – Metamorphosis [Review]

SamSeb Kierkegaard – Metamorphosis [Review]

Metamorphosis is the debut tune from SamSeb Kierkegaard.

SamSeb wanted to create a track that highlights the internal struggle you have when thinking about the past and looking to the future. Written during the first UK lockdown, Metamorphosis fits this idea perfectly, as the organised chaos and raw vocal style put you right in the mix of it all. The track ebbs and flows, creating a swirling, emotional feeling which you can’t escape from.

Naturally, songs that tackle anxiety and inner demons are tricky to get right. It’s a sensitive subject to broach, however, SamSeb has it spot on. The wandering vocals are bolstered by striking lyrical content, and the tidy guitar work adds another dimension to the impressive debut. You can’t help but get sucked in by the tremendous musicality, and be left in a ponderous mood long after the track has finished.

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