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Sam Saint Jones – Little By Little [Review]

Sam Saint Jones – Little By Little [Review]

Little By Little is the latest indie-rock anthem from Sydney based Sam Saint Jones. 

The third instalment from Sam Saint Jones’ debut album is a journey through energetic vocal melodies and crunch filled guitar hooks. There’s a distinctive swagger that surrounds the track, perfectly matched with the theme of a wealthy tradesman finding himself in the small Australian suburbs. It also has a certain grandeur to the sound, as if you are being thrust into the wild west – pistols at dawn galore. 

Little By Little is jam-packed with a range of influences. There’s the no-holds-barred attitude of UK indie-rock icons The Libertines, fused with the complex & atmospheric guitar work of Arctic Monkeys. By the time you enter the final quarter, you are suddenly thrust into a noise-rock-esqe cacophony of sheer pent up frustration. All in all, this is a strikingly good tune that’s got all the elements of what we loved in the 00s indie rock scene, only with a fresh & dynamic lick of paint. 

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