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Saint Rien – Medusa [Review]

Saint Rien – Medusa [Review]

Saint Rien shares the music video for his latest track Medusa.

Medusa - Saint Rien (Official Music Video)

Following Why2, Like You and Tell The Truth, Medusa is the latest from the Nashville-based Australian. It’s a tune that is inexplicably smooth, with the effortless vocals draped over the chilled out beat. By channelling core pop virtues, Saint Rien has produced a track that is guaranteed to leave a mark on whoever listens.

Medusa is an intimate number, focusing on relationships and how sustainable they really are. The easy-going flow and thoughtful lyrics create an emotional link with the listener right from the start. The video is equally compelling, as the repetitive scene mirrors the feeling that Saint Rien paints. Medusa is an excellent piece of pop that will stay with you for a while after.

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